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Don’t Compromise On Your Forecasting Needs

Produce rolling forecasts, multi-year forecasts, daily forecasts and driver-based forecasts with a centralized application
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Learn from the past. See the future. Make informed decisions

Pull data from multiple sources to forecast across departments – and through those same departments to a detailed level. Automating your forecasting efforts will not only provide a level of granularity you did not have previously, but also a frequency that will transform your business.

Centralized business logic

Ensuring that your calculation requirements are applied consistently.



Because you no longer have to create and maintain formulas in a spreadsheet



Increased visibility through workflow, tracking inputs, changes and approvals

Watch our short demo videos to learn how forecasting software can help you spend less time on data consolidation and more time analysing trends. Prophix forecasting helps you forecast what-if scenarios in minutes, not days. Improve accuracy with on-demand forecasting in Prophix – view this demo to see how.

Use Prophix to automate the forecasting process

Leave the manual, time-consuming and error-prone days of forecasting behind.

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Health, Wellness and Fitness
“The ability to drill into accounts to monitor revenue and expenses has been tricky in the past with other systems and time-consuming. Prophix is straight forward and easy to use – even for beginners.”
Boyd’s Coffee Company
“Automatically (or semi-automatically) loads and distributes sales reports on a daily basis. Generates in-month sales forecast to inform management of plan achievement and prior year comparisons.”
Jel Sert Company
“Having all the information in once place and easily able to change your views to see the data in a different structure. Ability to add unique calculations and scenarios to your budgeting process. Allocations and finding errors when processed dropped.”