What if you could super-charge your spreadsheets? Don't let #ref errors and formula troubles hold you back. Prophix takes your spreadsheets to a new level. Create better, faster budgets. Gather data automatically and gain a comprehensive overview of your business. Prophix’s Corporate Performance Management solution is the transformative software your business needs. Put time back in your schedule, and devote your efforts to analyzing and using data, rather than collecting it.

Discover how using corporate performance management software optimizes your budgeting, forecasting, and reporting processes with real-time, accurate, actionable data insights.

  • Budgeting - Streamline and automate budgeting process for fast, accurate outcomes
  • Analysis - Use real-time data to improve profitability and analyze potential adjustments
  • Reporting - Save time and gain performance insight with auto-generated reports
  • Forecasting - Import data directly from the source for accurate, effortless forecasts
  • Consolidation - Automate data collection and consolidation for a single source of truth
  • Cash Flow - Use accurate forecasts for a comprehensive view of cash flow at all times

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