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Remove the Inaccuracies of Financial Reporting

Use Prophix and gain a multitude of reporting benefits Offering the ability to prepare and distribute financial statements, scorecards, dashboards, variance reports and exception reports – all within a single application.

Plan for the future with pinpoint reporting accuracy

The closer you are to live data, the more accurate the analysis, and a better return on investment will be reached. Ensure a centralized database is a core component of the reporting tool.

Self-Service Interactive Dashboards

Dashboard Studio provides self-serve dashboards and visualizations directly integrated into Prophix data

Ad-Hoc Reporting & Analytics

Measure and monitor performance with easy to create reports and charts. Drill into your data with pinpoint accuracy

Automated Report Distribution

Ability to analyze, drill-down and compare to the transactional level, providing stakeholders with explanations for the results.

Notable Customers

Prophix software is user-friendly and comprehensive

Complete all of our reporting, forecasting, budgeting, dashboards, and ad hoc analytics in a real-time format.”

Health, Wellness and Fitness
“The ability to drill into accounts to monitor revenue and expenses has been tricky in the past with other systems and time-consuming. Prophix is straight forward and easy to use – even for beginners.”

Boyd’s Coffee Company
“Automatically (or semi-automatically) loads and distributes sales reports on a daily basis. Generates in-month sales forecast to inform management of plan achievement and prior year comparisons.”

Jel Sert Company
“Having all the information in once place and easily able to change your views to see the data in a different structure. Ability to add unique calculations and scenarios to your budgeting process. Allocations and finding errors when processed dropped.”