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Automate, refine, and supercharge your financial tasks when you team Prophix with Sage.

Now, fast, flexible Sage ERP meets cutting-edge Prophix Corporate Performance Management software, for next-generation agility and insights that are in a whole new era.


The 80s gave us some true classics like the Sony Boombox and Microsoft Excel but things have moved on.

Take your budgeting, forecasting and business planning to the next level with Prophix.

<p><strong>The 80s gave us some true classics</strong> like the <strong>Sony Boombox</strong> and <strong>Microsoft Excel</strong> but things have moved on.</p>

Meet Prophix
and Sage

Cutting-edge Corporate Performance Management Software from Prophix and fast, flexible Sage ERP have come together to transform finance. Enabling you to be your most strategic, reduce risk, and take your business to the next level. No spreadsheet required. Prophix and Sage integrate seamlessly, delivering next-generation agility and insights.

Why Prophix for your finance team?

Free yourself from spreadsheet dependency with precise, real-time data at your fingertips. So, you can focus on the big picture, and lead your business vision with confidence and efficiency.


Automated reports use data entirely from your Sage ERP. Get peace of mind that analysis and strategy is build on correct, complete insights.


Real-time, always-available ERP data in one place. Make rapid, profitable business pivots that you can trust, and be agile when change happens.


Manual task reduction and instant reporting dramatically cuts time spent on the annual budgeting process. Win back time for strategic priorities.


An environment built to be the brain of your business. Digitally transform your Sage ERP to fully manage financial budgeting and planning.

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